North Alabama Celtic Music Calendar for Scottish, Irish, Welsh and all the Celts in Northern Alabama

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About the Alabama Celtic Calendar

The Alabama Celtic Calendar of Events is a joint project of Marc Gunn and Jil Chambless for the benefit of all the Celtic community in Northern Alabama. It is an open project for anyone in North Alabama who wants to share their events with the community.


Please include the following information with your submission:

  • Name of band or organization
  • Name of venue
  • Address of venue
  • URL of venue
  • URL of event if different from the venue
  • Additional information about the event including directions, map coordinates, ticket information, etc.


Guidelines for Submitting Gigs

In order to better serve our community, submitters should follow these guidelines:

  1. Events should serve the Celtic community.

  2. This calendar is limited to events in North Alabama. Please do not add events for venues outside this region.


Contact Info

Do you have an event to add or want to be able to add events yourself?

There are two ways to get on our Google Calendar.

  1. Post your event on our Facebook fanpage at

  2. Contact Jil Chambless. Please reference in your subject line.


Do you have an addition or change to the website?

Contact Marc Gunn. Please reference in your email.


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